Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My new Electric Custom Handmade BenG Guiatrs!

My BenG Guitars Website:  http://beng.110mb.com
My 1st Guitars Website: http://guitars.110mb.com

My Instagram account: http://instagram.com/benguitars

Email: Bengur1985@gmail.com

Pictures of my BenG Guitars:
The Fire Custom Electric BenG Guiatrs - My 1st Fire Flames Guitar Version! 

Handmade Custom Electric BenG Guiatrs - My 1st Guitar! 

The Fire II - Custom Electric BenG Guiatrs - My 2st Fire Flames Guitar Version! 

All About Guitars - Srv1.blogspot.com - Re-opening! 2014!

Hello Back to all that remember me.
hope this time this blog stays forever!

Email: bengur85@gmail.com

whatsapp: +8615626262767

Wechat: bengur1985


Ben Gur
BenG Guitars